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Newsweek Daily Beast
Animal Nuts Bully Dying Italian Girl 
F1 Champ in Hospital After Ski Crash 
Greece's Dickensian Christmas 
The Vatican's Glass Ceiling 
Pope Francis Man of the Year 
The Priest and the Unwed Mother 
 Pope Announces Sex Abuse Task Force
Italian Woman Says British Doctors Forced Her to have C-Section  
The Pope's Abuse Non-Apology 
Bibi and the Pope 

Newsweek Daily Beast
WHO Greek HIV Scandal 
Prosecutor: Knox is Guilty
Putin and the Pope  
US Embassy Pulls Out of Vatican 
Italy's Triangle of Death 
Did Apple Cook Books in Italy? 
Mercy Killing or Murder? 
How Knox's Fairytale Ended 
Which Man Took Maddie? 
Little Maria's New Home 

Pope Francis Reform in Writing 
Costa Concordia Captain Jumped Into Lifeboat 
Amanda Knox's Ex

Newsweek Daily Beast
Peeping on the Pope 
Another Missing Kid Found? 
Maria's Mom Found in Bulgaria 
Madeleine McCann Cold Case Reopened in Portugal 
They Steal Babies, Don't They? 
The Nazi Nobody Wanted 
Bishop of Bling Busted in Germany 
Did This Man Abduct Madeleine McCann? 
Italian Shipwreck Survivors to be Fined 
McCann Libel Case Resumes In Portugal 
Syrians Fare Better Than Most Migrants 
Francis's Rough Road to Reform 

Captain Schettino Manslaughter Trial 
Italy Migrant Shipwreck 
Knox Retrial Takes Supernatural Turn 


Newsweek Daily Beast
Knox Trial DejaVu 
Knox Goes Back on Trial 
Italian Gay Activists Boycott Top Pasta Maker 
The Pope Confesses 
The Raising of the Costa Concordia 
Pope: He'll Call You, Maybe
Italy's Acid-Slay Femicide 

Kercher Case View From Court
AC360 on Costa Concordia Remains 
Out Front With Erin Burnett- Costa Concordia 
Human Remains Found on Costa Concordia 
Captain Schettino Wants Back on Concordia 
How They Did It - Costa Concordia 
Costa Concordia Uprighted 
Giglio Island: Celebrations and Relief 
Nick Sloane, Man Behind the Salvage
Video: Concordia Parbuckling  
Costa Concordia Underwater 
Tragedy Tranforms Paradise 
Pope Francis Peace Vigil for Syria 

Scientific American
Massive Costa Concordia Ship is Upright. Now what? 
Massive Chains Raising Costa Concordia

Newsweek Daily Beast
The Italian Idol 
Lover, You're too Expensive 
Chinese Workers Trafficked into Italy's Garment Factories 
A Certain Smile - Identifying The Real Mona Lisa 
Italy Passes Domestic Violence Laws To Combat Femicide 
Between Gibraltar and a Hard Place 
Venice Beach Menace Troubled Past 
Reaction Muted after Berlusconi Found Guilty 
Silvio Berlusconi Verdict Upheld

Newsweek Daily Beast
Like father... Marina Berlusconi 
Francis the Radical? 
Shameful Ordeal of Cecile Kyenge, Italy's First Black Minister 
Train in Spanish Crash Going Way Too Fast 
Protect That Pope! 
Pope Francis The Reformer  
Italy's Most Wanted  
The Road to Greekovery  
UN Takes on the Vatican  
Snowden Role Model  
38 Leads for Madeleine
How Do You Prove A Miracle 
Heads Roll At Vatican Bank 

Tragic Italy Bus Crash 
5 Convicted in Costa Concordia
Trial Begins in Costa Concordia Disaster 
Pope Prays in Lampedusa 

Scientific American
Refloating the Wrecked Costa Concordia 
Cruise Ship Haunts Italians on Giglio 

Newsweek Daily Beast:
Monsignor 500 Nabbed 
Missoni Plane Wreck Found 
Bunga Bunga Justice 
Berlusconi Found Guilty in Bunga Bunga Trial 
Follow That Pope! 
Why The Court Thinks Knox Did It 
Official Resigns over Rape Call 
Yep, There's a Vatican Gay Lobby 
Gruesome Death in Venice 

Italy's Teen Cyberbullying Death 
Wedding Bells for Vandersloot 
Florence has Dante Fever Dan Brown Style 
Italy Rages over Teen Femicide
Italy's Lost Generation 
Fresh Hope for Madeleine 
Italy's Acid Copycats 
The Cleveland Effect 
Italian Politician Reveals Death Threats 
Six Years Later, Still No Maddie 
The Softer Side of Amanda Knox

Can Americans Get Away with Murder 

Newsweek Daily Beast
He's No Berlusconi 
Shooting As Italian Government Sworn In 
Be Nice to Mutant Mice 
Italy's Sex Slavery Highway 
Who's $40 million Diamond Is It? 
New Pope But No Nicer to Nuns 
The Pope's Posse 
Arline Kercher: A Mother in Limbo 
Italy's Women Still Getting Shafted
Newsweek Daily Beast:
Is The Pope Rewriting Easter
Not So Fast, Knox 
Knox's Step Backwards 
Back To Jail for Knox? 
Amanda Knox One Year Later 
Did Cleaners Kidnap Madeleine? 
Not Your Average Pope 
Conclave Conspiracies 
Habemus Who? 
God's Goodfellas 
Pristine Sistine 
At Papal Conclave, Waiting for White Smoke 
Can the Cardinals Find a Clean Pope? 
Inside the Vatican 
Pope Fever Grips Rome  

Berlusconi Gets One Year for Fraud 
Knox Case Complicated, Confusing Mess 

Newsweek Daily Beast: 
Men Who Hate Women 
Skeletons in the Cloisters 
Priests in Panties 
Send in the Clowns 
UK's Top Cardinal Resigns
Bye-Bye Benedict 
Why Did The Pope Really Quit?
Hope for Nun-Friendly New Pope 
Benedict Could Be A Backseat Pope
Perks of Being an Ex-Pope
Is Madeleine McCann Down Under?

The Unbreakable Berlusconi

January articles:
Finally A Missoni Clue 
Italy's Billion Dollar Gambling Epidemic
Children of Missoni Issue Plea
Death of Star Chef Bernard Loiseau
Mystery of Missing Vittorio Missoni Deepens 
Ruby the Heartstealer in Court 
One Year After Costa Concordia
Missoni Body Found?
Missoni Family: Chance He's Still Alive
Costa Concordia Honeymooners
Missoni Future Hangs in the Balance       
Is Italy a Third World Country?

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