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The Daily Beast
Hunting The Berlin Terrorist in Mafia Country 
The Pope's Christmas Dream 
How the Truck Terrorist Was Taken Down 
Berlin Attacker Hid in Plain Sight 
Happy Birthday Pope Francis! 
EU Links Charities To Human Traffickers 
Pope Francis Letter to Assad 
Italy's Muslims Who Celebrate Christmas 
Why Pope Francis Compares Fake News to Feces 
Rome Falls to Barbarian Hordes
Italy Heads for Chaos

Berlin Attacker Shot in Milan 
John Kerry Meets the Pope

The Daily Beast
They Forced Refugees to Drink Diesel  
Pope To Grant Right To Forgive Abortion 
The American Who Would Impeach Pope Francis If He Could 
The Mob is Pillaging Art from Italy's Earthquake Zone 
Trump is Not the Only Clown to Lead a Country 
Trump's Hate is Contagious 
Why Catholics Crucified Clinton
Why Porn and Pot Won Big in Trumpocalypse
Will an Earthquake Bring Down Rome?

CNN Tonight: Berlusconi and Trump   

The Daily Beast
Should Italy Prepare For The Big One? 
Are These Mobsters Hiding Van Goghs? 
Rome's Garbage Crisis Heats Up With Abandoned Fridges
The Priest Exposing Italy's Child Porn Addicts  
Italian Mob Trades Weapons for Looted Art from ISIS in Libya 
Olive Trees Trump Energy in Italy 
These Progressives Will Pick the Next Pope
Inside the Cica Cica Boom Strip Club That Brought Down a General 
Don't Look Away From 'Fire at Sea' 

CNN New Day: Italy Earthquake 
Fourth Earthquake in Three Months Rocks Italy 
Italy Earthquake October 30 
Italy Earthquake October 26 

The Daily Beast
Denmark's Right Wing Peddles Anti Immigrant Spray 
One Woman Against The Mafia 
Pope Francis: Thou Shalt Not Gossip 
Mayor Says No To Rome Olympics 
When Hell Burns
Europe Stops At Nothing To Hunt Terrorists in Refugee Camps 
The Baby Without A Country 
Benedict: I Had Doubts on Francis 
The Fake Doctors Who Raped Anorexics 
How Italians Live to be 100 
Mother Teresa: A Perfect Saint for Troubled Times 
How Many Babies Have To Die Like Alan Kurdi? 
Italy to Women: Hurry, Get Knocked Up

The Daily Beast 
How the Mafia Murdered This Town 
In Italy, the Endless Earthquake 
The Town is Gone 
Where's the Outrage Over Nun Beachwear? 
Murder in the Monestary  
Italy May Outlaw Veganism for Kids 
Italy Braces for Libya Blowback 
Thousands of Kids Are Stranded at Rome Airport or Disappearing  
Erdogan Heir Under Investigation in Italy 
Syrian Child Actor Killed 
Mafia Holding Rome Hostage - With Garbage

Building Collapses During Live
Earthquake Coverage 
Earthquake aftershocks 
Earthquake Aftermath 
Aftershocks hamper rescue workers  

The Daily Beast 
Catholic Bishop Wants to Ban Married Sex 
Study Abroad, Die Abroad 
Vatileaks Verdict Sends Monsignor to Jail 
Italy's Gruesome Migrant Organ Transplant Murders 
American Student Washes Uup in Rome's Tiber 
God Wants You To Drink Wine
Live from the Colosseum! Italy's Best Dinner of 2016
Retired Pope Dishes on Gay Lobby

Italy Train Crash Package 
Italy Deadly Train Crash 
Italy Migrant Vessel Bodies Recovered  

The Daily Beast 
Pope Francis's Mea Culpa On Gays 
After Brexit What Happens To the Survivors? 
The Beginning of the End of Europe 
Sick New Mafia Weapon: Burning Cats 
Women Priests Exist 
The Woman Who's Conquered Rome 
The Olympic Team With No Country 
Ageing Baader Meinhoff Terrorists FIngered in Supermarket Heists

The Daily Beast 
Burned To Death For Refusing Sex 
Is Google Cheating Taxes in Europe? 
Austria's Donald Trump Loses
Egypt Air Victims Did Not Die Alone 
Egypt Air Flight Vanishes  
Amanda Knox's Quest To Clear Her Name 
Did Grandma's Gynecologist Steal A Young Woman's Eggs? 
Who Stole Rolex Off Dying Tony Soprano? 
Transgender Mafia Don Murdered 
Chinese Gangs and Italian Mob Hook Up, So Do Chinese and Italian Cops 
Did Pope Francis Just Pave Way For Women Priests? 
ISIS Ring Busted in Refugee Camp

Scientific American 
700 Drowned Migrants To Be Recovered From Sunken Smuggler Ship 

The Mafia Isn't Like The Sopranos, It's Like ISIS

The Daily Beast 
Fake Nuns Try To Save Spanish Sex Priest 
Italy's Most Racist Politician Supports Trump 
The CIA Kidnapper Facing Jail in Italy 
The Vatican Just Put A Convicted Rapist Back in a Parish 
Could Legalizing Pot in Europe Help Stop ISIS? 
How to Raise a Ghost Ship 
Pope Francis Just Shamed Europe 
Yes, the Pope Did Meet Bernie Sanders 
Syrian Refugee: "I had it all and now its gone"
"Not Hot Water, No Toilets, No Information" Lesbos, Greece 
Vatican: Pope Didn't Invite Bernie Sanders 
Italy Wants Truth About Tortured Student--Recalls Ambassador 
Pope Francis Eases Up On Gays 
Hospital Funds Diverted To Cardinal's Villa 

Scientific American 
Puglia's Olive Trees Didn't Have To Die 

The Daily Beast
Aum Shinrikyo-Japan's Death Cult Is Hiding in Europe 
Is Italy Enabling ISIS Invasion?  
Terrorist Tied to Brussels Attack Hid in Italy 
Inside the Mafia - ISIS Connection 
Vatleaks Priest: My Secret Lover Threatened Me With The Mafia
Italy's Pregnant Politics 

The Daily Beast 
Vatleaks Priest: My Secret Lover Threatened Me With The Mafia 
Vatican's No. 3 Faces Sex Abuse Inquisition  
Italy Elected Its Trump -- It Was A Fiasco 
Did Someone Kill The Pope's Receptionist?  
How Popes Play Politics In The US 
What The Pope Really Said About Trump 
Did Pope Francis Just Sink Trump? 
Did John Paul II Have A Secret Lover? 
Vatican Refuses To Talk About Sex Abuse 
Mafia Orphan Rats Out His Gangster Godmothers 
Pope Francis's 1000 Year Orthodox Surprise 
Pope Francis, Best Actor?

The Daily Beast
Will The Refugee Crisis Doom Europe? 
Sanctions Gone, Iran Goes On European Shopping Spree 
Italy's Gay Rights Showdown 
Convicted Killer Rudy Guede: "Amanda Knox was there" 
Denmark Bounces Migrants From Nightclubs  
Ashley Olsen Didn't Ask to Be Killed.  
Is This Ashley's Accidental Sex Killer? 
Eat, Play, Die: An Eat Pray Love Story Ends in Tragedy 
How Haute is Your Hijab? 
Did Pope Benedict XVI's Brother Run A Sadistic Sex Camp for Choirboys? 
Rome is Knee-Deep in Bird Poop 

Large Crowd Rallies Against Same Sex Unions in Italy 
Italy Same Sex Union Debate 
Iran's President in Italy To Start European Tour 
Man Arrested in Ashley Olsen Murder 
Police Know Identity of Suspect in Ashley Olsen Murder 
American murdered in Italy 
CNN News: Murder of American Ashley Ann Olsen in Florence 
CNN New Day: Murder of American Ashley Ann Olsen in Florence

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