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Roadmap to Hell: Sex, Drugs and Guns on the Mafia Coast 

"The book, built on interviews with many participants, is well-reported and consistently heartbreaking.... a useful work of advocacy, calling attention to a terrible traffic in human misery." -- Kirkus Reviews

"A profound, appalling portrait of a country overwhelmed by crime." --Tobias Jones, author The Dark Heart of Italy

"Barbie Latza Nadeau takes you on an exhilarating ride through Italy's dark underbelly ... a grimy world populated by Nigerian drug lords, Italian mafiosi, dirty cops and voodoo doctors. An incredibly thorough, alarming and highly readable piece of investigative journalism."
--Tina Brown, award-winning writer and editor

'The sex-trafficking of tens of thousands of Nigerian young women to Italy is a shamefully under-reported story that disgraces the authorities in both those countries. Barbie Latza Nadeau reveals the dirty truth with flair, forensic insight, and, above all, great empathy for the victims of this trade... Her tale of suffering and injustice in Italy is an uncomfortable but vital read.' - Barnaby Phillips, Former BBC correspondent in Nigeria

'A powerful exposé of organised crime along Italy’s picturesque Amalfi Coast. The Daily Beast’s Rome correspondent takes on gun runners, Nigerian gangs and willfully negligent police as she chronicles the forced criminality of sex-trafficked women and drug mules – and the efforts of nuns to rescue them. Unnerving stuff.' - Tatler

‘Darker than Helene Stapinski's Murder in Matera, this timely and troubling exposé should appeal to a similar audience willing to embrace an unromanticized view of Italian life.’ -Library Journal

"Barbie Latza Nadeau uncovers a web of criminal activity in Italy, involving thousands of refugees and migrants who are lured into the underworld and forced to become sex slaves, drug mules, or weapon smugglers."  - Publishers Weekly

  "Roadmap to Hell is a crusading piece of journalism that exposes the human face of Italy’s growing sex-slavery industry. This is a heart-wrenching volume that nevertheless manages to be clear-eyed about the nature of drug addiction, superstition, and illicit practices." -Forward Reviews

Guardian Long Read excerpts:
"Migrants Are More Profitable Than Drugs."

Lenny Letter:
Sex Trafficking And The Black Magic Ju Ju Curse  

The Daily Beast
How Fascist Architecture Still Dominates Rome 
Will The Migrant issue Tear Europe Apart? 
Italy's Trump Like New Government Blocks A Migrant Ship 
Steve Bannon, Cardinal Burke, Minister Salvini Against Pope Francis 
Migrants Stranded On A US Warship 
Italy's Trump-Like New Government Blocks A Migrant Ship 
Italy's New Government Goes Full Trump 
Can Lessons From Vesuvius Help Hawaii?
The EuroZone's Soft Underbelly
Drinking Cocktails For A Good Cause

Italy Refuses To Let Migrant Ship Dock  

The Daily Beast
Love and Death and the Queen of Diamonds 
Steve Bannon Rushes To Support Italy's Collapsing F-You Coalition  
Love and Death and the Queen of Diamonds 
Travel: Stop Destroying Venice! 
Italy's New Leader: An Unknown Quantity of Dubious Credentials 
If God Loves LGBT People He Should Say So 
Travel: Crypts & Blood in Rome 
The Vatican Is The Real Winner of the Met Gala
Why Won't Pope Francis Quit His Sketchy No. 3? 

Italy Election Crisis: President Appoints IMF Official  
Italian President To Appoint Technocrat  
Political Unknown Appointed Italy's Prime Minister 

The Daily Beast
Lesbians Can't Be Real Moms Without Saying They've Had Straight Sex 
Speak of the Devil: Vatican Hosts An Exorcist Convention 
"Brain Sex With Hillary Clinton" 
Inside the Deadly War On Drugs in the Philippines
Harvey Weinstein's Italian Accusers Speak Out in New York 
Italy-Israel Artichoke War 
Mob Town Conspired To Gang Rape A Girl

The Daily Beast
Officials Warn Of Flood of Terrorists Across The Sea 
Danish Scientist Charged With Beheading Swedish Journalist Liked Snuff Films 
Murdered Malta Journalist Did Not Die in Vain 
Not Everyone Is Celebrating Five Years of Francis 
Sex, The Church, and Human Trafficking On The Mafia Coast 
How A Poisoned Russian Spy Could Cost Putin The World Cup 
Not Everyone Is Celebrating Five Years of Pope Francis 
Confessions of the Vatican's Favorite Male Escort 
Model Victim Shamed After Dark Web Kidnapping 
Steve Bannon's Roman Holiday 

Italy's Election Aftermath 
Rome's Sad Decline Sums Up Italy's Problems

The Daily Beast
Some Italians Protest As Fascists Make A Comeback 
Model Victim Shamed After Dark Web Kidnapping 
Berlusconi Takes A Cue from Trump, Bets on Bigotry 
Is Pope Francis Selling Out The Chinese Church? 
Right Wing Shooter Guns Down Migrants 
Italian Mob Peddling Pills to ISIS in Libya 
$1.25 For Italian Houses ... With A Catch  

Italians March Against Fascism 
Far Right Man Shoots Migrants

The Daily Beast
Italy's Crazy Election Promises 
A #MeToo Carmen Doesn't Die; Italy Riots 
Dead a Porter: Chinese Mafia 
A Very Creepy Sex Cult Greets The Pope 
Virgin Auctions: Big business for Some Adults but Brutal Slavery for Many Children 
Model May Have Been Killed Before She Plunged 20 Stories 
Creepy Sex Cult Greets Pope Francis in Chile and Peru
Police Take Out Wood Fired Pizza Oven Mafia 
Who Swiped The Mughals and Maharajas Gems? 

Jewels Stolen From Venice in Daytime Heist 

London Sunday Times Style Magazine
The Assassination of Gianni Versace

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