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Parents Cannot Go to Their ‘Demon’ Child’s Funeral: Judge
Was Office Politics Behind a GOT Game Billionaire’s Death?

I Was First to Witness COVID Horror that Swept the World

Putin’s Former Filmmaker Arrested for FSB Underwear Protest

Fake COVID-19 Vaccines are Already Being Sold Online

Epstein’s Alleged Pimp Nabbed as He Boarded Flight to Africa

Putin: Alexei Navalny Would Be Dead if We Had Poisoned Him

Carefully Dismembered Bodies Found in 4 Suitcases in Italy

Man Who Lured 9 Murder Victims on Twitter Sentenced to Death

Superspreader Santa Blamed for Nursing Home COVID Outbreak
Russian Agents Trailed, Poisoned Alexei Navalny: Report

Dave Ramsey Hosts 1,000 Guests at Maskless Christmas Bash

Man Cleared of Murder as He Was ‘Delirious With Jealousy’

COVID Cops Will Search Your Car for Evidence of Ski Gear

Far Right: COVID Orgy Was a Honeytrap Set by Western Spies

Orgy Host: Lawmakers From 9 Countries Came to My Sex Parties

Inside the Lockdown-Busting Brussels Sex Party

The Daily Beast
Europe Is Locking Down Everything to Keep Schools Open 
The Daily Beast
Charlie Hebdo Reprints Controversial Prophet Muhammad Cartoons Before Terror Trial
The Daily Beast
Brooklyn Man Dined With Wife in Romantic French Chalet Then Cut Her Up and Buried Her, Police in France Say 
A Red Bull Heir Who Killed Cop With Ferrari While Drunk Is Now Free to Return to Thailand  
Labour Admits It Smeared Jewish Whistleblowers Under Jeremy Corbyn 
This Is Why Italy’s Schools Are Going to Open on Time 
Legendary Foreign Correspondent Chris Dickey Dies in Paris 
Europe Shouldn’t Gloat Too Soon About COVID-19 
Police in Portugal Search Wells For Madeleine McCann in Renewed Effort to Find British Toddler 
This Mediterranean Hot Spot Is Open to Americans Again 
The European Union Is Considering Lifting Travel Restrictions for Couples Living Apart 
California Kids on Trial for Murder May Be Victims of Italy’s Corrupt Cops 
Italian Police on Amalfi Coast Seize 84 Million ‘Captagon’ Pills Shipped by ISIS From Syria 

The Daily Beast
Mississippi Lawmakers Vote to Remove Confederate Symbol From State Flag 
Europe Tells Americans Stay Home Until You Clean Up Your Act 
Madeleine McCann Kidnapping Suspect Christian Brueckner Hoarded Little Girl Swimsuits and Kiddie Porn 
Rayshard Brooks Was Shot Twice in the Back by Atlanta Cops 
Italy's Mass Graves Are Opened but COVID Dead Can’t Rest in Peace 
Italy Welcomes Europe Back. It’s Not Mutual. 
Authorities Name Madeleine McCann Suspect, Say She’s Dead 
What America Can Learn From Europe’s Black Blocs 
Cops Beaten, Shot, Rammed by SUVs as George Floyd Protests Boil Over 
The Daily Beast
Journalists Under Attack Show How Trump’s Hate for the Press Has Spread 
Confessions of a Typewriter Collector 
7 Shot in Kentucky, Cop Shop Burned in Minneapolis as Cities Explode in Anger Sparked by George Floyd Death 
Florida Mom Arrested for Murder After Claiming 9-Year-Old Autistic Son Had Been Ambushed  
Serial Pony Rapist Allegedly Caught With His Pants Down in Delaware Police Sting 
Here’s How the Mafia Cashes in on COVID Fears 
Venice Wants Tourists Back—If They’re Elite 
Dying for a Drink: Uptick in Italian Cases Tied to Celebration Cocktails 
American Travelers Are About to Find Out What It's Like to Be the Pariah
Jerry Stiller, the Genius Who Played Frank Costanza on ‘Seinfeld,’ Has Died at 92 
Catholic Wingnuts Say COVID Precautions Are the Pope’s ‘Pretext’ to Kill the Church 
‘Truly Disturbing’: Third NY Child Dies From Rare Syndrome Linked to COVID-19 
15-Year-Old From Suburbs Led ‘Evil Computer Geniuses’ in $24M Cryptocurrency Heist: Lawsuit 
Acquitted Cardinal George Pell Lied About What He Knew of Clerical Sex Abuse, Report Says 
Will Unlocked Italy Free Lovers and Mistresses, Too? 

The Daily Beast
Europe Watches With Horror as the U.S. Rushes to Reopen 
Norwegian Billionaire Arrested in Wife’s 2018 Cryptocurrency Kidnapping 
Italy Is Bracing for a Surge of Funerals as It Comes Back to Life 
Nothing in this COVID-19 Pandemic Separates ‘Us’ From ‘Them’ 
Austria Ski Resort Ishgl, Europe’s Coronavirus Super-Spreader, Reopens Without Party Tourism 
Coronavirus Puts Italy’s Most Vicious Mobsters Back on the Street 
Prof Who Tried to Torch New York Cathedral Is Dead After COVID-19 Release Without Mental-Health Support 
'Safest Place in the World’ Cruise Ship Finally Docks in Italy 
Why Do Italians Test Positive After Symptoms Are Long Gone? 
Being Locked Down Is Scary but Unlocking Is Scarier 
Businessman Bails Michael Avenatti Out of Jail After He’s Granted Temporary Release Due to COVID-19 
The Vatican Welcomes Back Cardinal Pell After Stunning Sex Abuse Reversal in Australia 
Luxury Lockdowns of Kylie Jenner and Arielle Charnas Underfire After Breaches of COVID-19 Orders 
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Won’t Give Up Working Out With Trainer Despite Coronavirus Fears 
Why Are So Many People Dying in Italy? 

The Daily Beast
The Mafia is Using the Lockdown to Raise Hell and Recruit 
The Pandemic is Putting Screws in the NY Mafia, But Italy's Mob is Thriving 
Lock the F*ck Down or End Up Like Italy
Coronavirus Is Killing Italy’s Doctors. The U.S. Could Be Next. 
Lockdown Basics: Forget the Toilet Paper, Get Your Hair Done 
CBS Rome Correspondent Got Novel Coronavirus in New York 
Americans Returning From Overseas Forced to Wait Together in Long Lines at Airports 
In Coronavirus Lockdown, the Living Are Trapped With the Dead 
Trump Sat Next to Second Mar-a-Lago Coronavirus Patient but White House Doc Won’t Test Him 
On the Front Line Against Coronavirus in Locked Down Italy: Who Lives? Who Dies? 
Italy’s Draconian Lockdown Shows Why Mass Quarantines Won’t Work in the West 
Italy Prison in Flames in Coronavirus Lockdown Riot Among Cut-Off Inmates 
The Coronavirus is Bad But Even During the Worst Pandemics, People Found Refuge 
Italy Locks Down 16 Million People To Contain Coronavirus 
Coronavirus Is Turning Rome’s Tourist Spots into Ghost Towns 
Italy Is Headed for Multiple Coronavirus Disasters—and Maybe a Baby Boom 
Second American Dies of Coronavirus as U.S. Ramps Up Testing  
Dow Plunges Amid Global Freakout Over Coronavirus Outbreaks

Vatican City Lockdown 
What Went Wrong in Italy? 
CNN Update March 20 
Italy Outbreak 
CNN Coronavirus Townhall 


The Daily Beast
Italy Shows Just How Crazy Coronavirus Panic Can Get 
American Teens Took an Italian Cop’s Life. Now They’re Fighting for Theirs.
Dow Plunges Amid Global Freakout Over Coronavirus Outbreaks 
Coronavirus Explodes in Italy, Threatening Europe. Can It Be Contained?
Did Rome Archeologists Uncover Proof of Romulus?  
The Hole in the Wall, The Dead Curator’s Diary, and the Strange Case of the Missing Masterpiece 
‘Cokehead, Womanizing, Fag’: Michael Bloomberg’s Book of ‘Wisdom’ Resurfaces 
 Mom Who Brought Daughters Along to Dump Dad’s Body Nabbed in Italy After 18 Years on the Run
Sean Spicer Finally Gets a TV Show, but It’s Only on Newsmax 
San Bernardino Cops: We Have a Serial-Killer Gang on the Loose—Please Help 
With a Big ‘No’ to Married Priests, Pope Francis Shows That, Yes, He’s Still Catholic 
Was American Diplo Wife Accused of Killing Brit Teen a Spy? 
Gunman Nabbed After Shooting Second NYPD Cop 
Father of Murder Victim Meredith Kercher Has Died in Mysterious Circumstances 
Quarantined Cruise Ship Passengers Stuck on Journey From Hell Thanks to Coronavirus Outbreak 
Just-Freed Terrorist Killed by Cops After London Stabbing Spree 

Trial Begins for Americans in Italy 


The Daily Beast
Coronavirus Has Europe Treating Chinese People Like the Plague 
7,000 People Trapped on Mediterranean Cruise in Italy Over Suspected Coronavirus Case 
Fifth U.S. Case of Coronavirus Confirmed in Patient Who Traveled From Wuhan, China 
Guilty Thieves Explain Why They Gave Back Klimt’s ‘Portrait of a Lady’ 
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Unusual, Rustic Island Paradise 
Walk in Fellini’s Footsteps for his 100th Birthday 
Two More Bodies Found at Tijuana Property Where Missing California Couple Were Buried Under the Dirt Floor 
Dublin Gang Killed and Cut Up Irish Teen to Avenge Murder: Cops 
How HBO’s Kinky, Sex-Crazed ‘The New Pope’ Compares to Netflix’s Oscar-Nominated ‘The Two Popes’ 
Trump Tweets Lie Accusing Dems of Defending Soleimani 
Aerospace Chief Says He Wishes He Was Dead After Iran Admits Shooting Down Jet
British Teen Spared Jail After Conviction for Faking Gang Rape Claim in Cyprus 
Mount Holyoke Art Professor Tried to Gouge Out Eyes of Woman She Loved: Cops 
Adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Warns of ‘Military’ Response 

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