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The Daily Beast


Where in the World Is Open for Americans to Go Right Now?
COVID-Crazed Brits Are Risking Huge Fines to Go on Vacation

Releasing Container Ship From Suez Canal Could Capsize It

Court to Johnny Depp: You’re a Wife Beater and That’s Final

Fake News and Murder Charges: A New Low for AstraZeneca

Will an LGBTQ Hate Crime in Italy Help Change the Law?

American Travelers Are All Vaxed Up With Nowhere New to Go

Biden’s Inaugural Priest Under Investigation for Impropriety

German Clerical Sex Abuse Spiked Under German Pope Benedict

Bannon Erupts as Italy Blocks Nationalist ‘Gladiator School’

Pope Opened the Door to Gay Unions, Vatican Slammed it Shut

Cold-Case Cops Find New Dead Body in Suspect’s Shed

AZ Vaccine Rollout Halted in Italy Just as New Wave Hits

Killer Spills the Plot to Murder Investigative Journalist

The Odd Stains on Caligula’s Stolen Orgy Ship Mosaic

Myanmar’s Junta Has Now Killed Two and Jailed Nine Poets

‘Someone Had to Go 1st’: Europe Starts Nationalist Vax War

‘We Could’ve Saved Her’: Korea Mourns First Trans Soldier

Criminal Case Filed vs. MBS After Biden’s Khashoggi Letdown

European Summer Saved? EU Announces Plan for Covid Passports

Sarkozy’s Scandals Finally Land Him in Prison
Saudi Prince Is to Blame for Khashoggi Killing: U.S. Intel
Europe’s Most Active Volcano Is Putting on a Show
Suspect Cooked Victim’s Heart, Served It With Potatoes: Cops

Confession of Lookout Is Breakthrough in Journalist’s Murder

Why’s the Pope Going to Iraq Now as COVID and Attacks Surge?

6,500 Migrants Have Died for Qatar’s World Cup Dream: Report

Why Europe’s COVID Vaccine Passports Won’t Work

NYT’s Tomato Carbonara Recipe Causes International Incident

Mafia Framed Nurse After Killing Doctor Who Treated Mob Boss

Venice Carnival in the Time of COVID Is Unlike Any Before It

Same Putin Poison Squad Hit WaPo Columnist Before Navalny

It’s Ski Week! Europe Is Forgetting How COVID Snowballed

Twitter Helps India’s Nationalist Government Block Dissent

Trump Team Stifled COVID Tests, Weakened CDC Guidance: Docs

Assange Accuser: ‘I’m Not CIA, I’m a Sexual Abuse Victim’

Paris Firemen Had Sex with 13-Year-Old—Say It Wasn’t Rape

2nd Elite Art School Student Raped Abroad Had No Door Lock

California Teens Hid Knife but Didn’t Know Italian Cop Died

Journalist Who Predicted His Own Murder Found Dead

Cheering and Celebrating Banned at COVID Olympics

Nuns Sold Orphaned Children to Sexual Predators: Report

The Daily Beast
Nuns Sold Orphaned Children to Sexual Predators: Report

COVID Doc Charged with Killing the Weak to Save the Strong
Europe Panics as Vaccine Rollout Goes to Hell
Bishops Go to War as Biden Splits Catholic Church
Trump Grants Bibi’s Wish, Pardons Israeli Who Spied on U.S

Murderer and Music Producer Phil Spector Dead at 81

Secret Lives of the Mafia Women: Murders, Guns and Drugs

Ireland: 9K Babies Died in Catholic Homes but Don’t Blame Us

Uganda: FB Interfering in Our Election by Banning Accounts

Adolf Hitler Cult Caught Running Guns for Drug Gangs

Officer Who Defended Capitol at Riot Dies by Suicide

On-Duty Memphis Cop Charged With Kidnapping and Murder

Even Trump’s Rogue International Pals Have Now Deserted Him

Kids’ Show About a Penis Gone Wild Lands Amid Danish #MeToo

Mystery Skeletons Found in Ancient English Abbey Wall

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2020 Archives

Parents Cannot Go to Their ‘Demon’ Child’s Funeral: Judge
Was Office Politics Behind a GOT Game Billionaire’s Death?

I Was First to Witness COVID Horror that Swept the World

Putin’s Former Filmmaker Arrested for FSB Underwear Protest

Fake COVID-19 Vaccines are Already Being Sold Online

Epstein’s Alleged Pimp Nabbed as He Boarded Flight to Africa

Putin: Alexei Navalny Would Be Dead if We Had Poisoned Him

Carefully Dismembered Bodies Found in 4 Suitcases in Italy

Man Who Lured 9 Murder Victims on Twitter Sentenced to Death

Superspreader Santa Blamed for Nursing Home COVID Outbreak
Russian Agents Trailed, Poisoned Alexei Navalny: Report

Dave Ramsey Hosts 1,000 Guests at Maskless Christmas Bash

Man Cleared of Murder as He Was ‘Delirious With Jealousy’

COVID Cops Will Search Your Car for Evidence of Ski Gear

Far Right: COVID Orgy Was a Honeytrap Set by Western Spies

Orgy Host: Lawmakers From 9 Countries Came to My Sex Parties

Inside the Lockdown-Busting Brussels Sex Party

The Daily Beast
Europe Is Locking Down Everything to Keep Schools Open 
The Daily Beast
Charlie Hebdo Reprints Controversial Prophet Muhammad Cartoons Before Terror Trial
The Daily Beast
Brooklyn Man Dined With Wife in Romantic French Chalet Then Cut Her Up and Buried Her, Police in France Say 
A Red Bull Heir Who Killed Cop With Ferrari While Drunk Is Now Free to Return to Thailand  
Labour Admits It Smeared Jewish Whistleblowers Under Jeremy Corbyn 
This Is Why Italy’s Schools Are Going to Open on Time 
Legendary Foreign Correspondent Chris Dickey Dies in Paris 
Europe Shouldn’t Gloat Too Soon About COVID-19 
Police in Portugal Search Wells For Madeleine McCann in Renewed Effort to Find British Toddler 
This Mediterranean Hot Spot Is Open to Americans Again 
The European Union Is Considering Lifting Travel Restrictions for Couples Living Apart 
California Kids on Trial for Murder May Be Victims of Italy’s Corrupt Cops 
Italian Police on Amalfi Coast Seize 84 Million ‘Captagon’ Pills Shipped by ISIS From Syria 

The Daily Beast
Mississippi Lawmakers Vote to Remove Confederate Symbol From State Flag 
Europe Tells Americans Stay Home Until You Clean Up Your Act 
Madeleine McCann Kidnapping Suspect Christian Brueckner Hoarded Little Girl Swimsuits and Kiddie Porn 
Rayshard Brooks Was Shot Twice in the Back by Atlanta Cops 
Italy's Mass Graves Are Opened but COVID Dead Can’t Rest in Peace 
Italy Welcomes Europe Back. It’s Not Mutual. 
Authorities Name Madeleine McCann Suspect, Say She’s Dead 
What America Can Learn From Europe’s Black Blocs 
Cops Beaten, Shot, Rammed by SUVs as George Floyd Protests Boil Over 
The Daily Beast
Journalists Under Attack Show How Trump’s Hate for the Press Has Spread 
Confessions of a Typewriter Collector 
7 Shot in Kentucky, Cop Shop Burned in Minneapolis as Cities Explode in Anger Sparked by George Floyd Death 
Florida Mom Arrested for Murder After Claiming 9-Year-Old Autistic Son Had Been Ambushed  
Serial Pony Rapist Allegedly Caught With His Pants Down in Delaware Police Sting 
Here’s How the Mafia Cashes in on COVID Fears 
Venice Wants Tourists Back—If They’re Elite 
Dying for a Drink: Uptick in Italian Cases Tied to Celebration Cocktails 
American Travelers Are About to Find Out What It's Like to Be the Pariah
Jerry Stiller, the Genius Who Played Frank Costanza on ‘Seinfeld,’ Has Died at 92 
Catholic Wingnuts Say COVID Precautions Are the Pope’s ‘Pretext’ to Kill the Church 
‘Truly Disturbing’: Third NY Child Dies From Rare Syndrome Linked to COVID-19 
15-Year-Old From Suburbs Led ‘Evil Computer Geniuses’ in $24M Cryptocurrency Heist: Lawsuit 
Acquitted Cardinal George Pell Lied About What He Knew of Clerical Sex Abuse, Report Says 
Will Unlocked Italy Free Lovers and Mistresses, Too? 

The Daily Beast
Europe Watches With Horror as the U.S. Rushes to Reopen 
Norwegian Billionaire Arrested in Wife’s 2018 Cryptocurrency Kidnapping 
Italy Is Bracing for a Surge of Funerals as It Comes Back to Life 
Nothing in this COVID-19 Pandemic Separates ‘Us’ From ‘Them’ 
Austria Ski Resort Ishgl, Europe’s Coronavirus Super-Spreader, Reopens Without Party Tourism 
Coronavirus Puts Italy’s Most Vicious Mobsters Back on the Street 
Prof Who Tried to Torch New York Cathedral Is Dead After COVID-19 Release Without Mental-Health Support 
'Safest Place in the World’ Cruise Ship Finally Docks in Italy 
Why Do Italians Test Positive After Symptoms Are Long Gone? 
Being Locked Down Is Scary but Unlocking Is Scarier 
Businessman Bails Michael Avenatti Out of Jail After He’s Granted Temporary Release Due to COVID-19 
The Vatican Welcomes Back Cardinal Pell After Stunning Sex Abuse Reversal in Australia 
Luxury Lockdowns of Kylie Jenner and Arielle Charnas Underfire After Breaches of COVID-19 Orders 
Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg Won’t Give Up Working Out With Trainer Despite Coronavirus Fears 
Why Are So Many People Dying in Italy? 

The Daily Beast
The Mafia is Using the Lockdown to Raise Hell and Recruit 
The Pandemic is Putting Screws in the NY Mafia, But Italy's Mob is Thriving 
Lock the F*ck Down or End Up Like Italy
Coronavirus Is Killing Italy’s Doctors. The U.S. Could Be Next. 
Lockdown Basics: Forget the Toilet Paper, Get Your Hair Done 
CBS Rome Correspondent Got Novel Coronavirus in New York 
Americans Returning From Overseas Forced to Wait Together in Long Lines at Airports 
In Coronavirus Lockdown, the Living Are Trapped With the Dead 
Trump Sat Next to Second Mar-a-Lago Coronavirus Patient but White House Doc Won’t Test Him 
On the Front Line Against Coronavirus in Locked Down Italy: Who Lives? Who Dies? 
Italy’s Draconian Lockdown Shows Why Mass Quarantines Won’t Work in the West 
Italy Prison in Flames in Coronavirus Lockdown Riot Among Cut-Off Inmates 
The Coronavirus is Bad But Even During the Worst Pandemics, People Found Refuge 
Italy Locks Down 16 Million People To Contain Coronavirus 
Coronavirus Is Turning Rome’s Tourist Spots into Ghost Towns 
Italy Is Headed for Multiple Coronavirus Disasters—and Maybe a Baby Boom 
Second American Dies of Coronavirus as U.S. Ramps Up Testing  
Dow Plunges Amid Global Freakout Over Coronavirus Outbreaks

Vatican City Lockdown 
What Went Wrong in Italy? 
CNN Update March 20 
Italy Outbreak 
CNN Coronavirus Townhall 


The Daily Beast
Italy Shows Just How Crazy Coronavirus Panic Can Get 
American Teens Took an Italian Cop’s Life. Now They’re Fighting for Theirs.
Dow Plunges Amid Global Freakout Over Coronavirus Outbreaks 
Coronavirus Explodes in Italy, Threatening Europe. Can It Be Contained?
Did Rome Archeologists Uncover Proof of Romulus?  
The Hole in the Wall, The Dead Curator’s Diary, and the Strange Case of the Missing Masterpiece 
‘Cokehead, Womanizing, Fag’: Michael Bloomberg’s Book of ‘Wisdom’ Resurfaces 
 Mom Who Brought Daughters Along to Dump Dad’s Body Nabbed in Italy After 18 Years on the Run
Sean Spicer Finally Gets a TV Show, but It’s Only on Newsmax 
San Bernardino Cops: We Have a Serial-Killer Gang on the Loose—Please Help 
With a Big ‘No’ to Married Priests, Pope Francis Shows That, Yes, He’s Still Catholic 
Was American Diplo Wife Accused of Killing Brit Teen a Spy? 
Gunman Nabbed After Shooting Second NYPD Cop 
Father of Murder Victim Meredith Kercher Has Died in Mysterious Circumstances 
Quarantined Cruise Ship Passengers Stuck on Journey From Hell Thanks to Coronavirus Outbreak 
Just-Freed Terrorist Killed by Cops After London Stabbing Spree 

Trial Begins for Americans in Italy 


The Daily Beast
Coronavirus Has Europe Treating Chinese People Like the Plague 
7,000 People Trapped on Mediterranean Cruise in Italy Over Suspected Coronavirus Case 
Fifth U.S. Case of Coronavirus Confirmed in Patient Who Traveled From Wuhan, China 
Guilty Thieves Explain Why They Gave Back Klimt’s ‘Portrait of a Lady’ 
Meghan Markle and Prince Harry’s Unusual, Rustic Island Paradise 
Walk in Fellini’s Footsteps for his 100th Birthday 
Two More Bodies Found at Tijuana Property Where Missing California Couple Were Buried Under the Dirt Floor 
Dublin Gang Killed and Cut Up Irish Teen to Avenge Murder: Cops 
How HBO’s Kinky, Sex-Crazed ‘The New Pope’ Compares to Netflix’s Oscar-Nominated ‘The Two Popes’ 
Trump Tweets Lie Accusing Dems of Defending Soleimani 
Aerospace Chief Says He Wishes He Was Dead After Iran Admits Shooting Down Jet
British Teen Spared Jail After Conviction for Faking Gang Rape Claim in Cyprus 
Mount Holyoke Art Professor Tried to Gouge Out Eyes of Woman She Loved: Cops 
Adviser to Iran’s Supreme Leader Warns of ‘Military’ Response 

Tuesday, January 7, 2020

2019 Archives

The Daily Beast
4,000+ People Trapped on Pristine Australia Beach as Wildfires Close In 
Machete Attacker Stabs 5 at NY Rabbi’s Hanukkah Celebration 
Biden Says He Would Defy Impeachment Subpoena—Then Tries to ‘Clarify’ 
Doomsday Writer’s Friend Says He Prophesied Wife’s Mysterious Death 
North Carolina Man Accused of Killing Wife With Lethal Eye Drops 
Fugitive Couple Arrested in Missouri Is Now Suspected of Triple Homicide 
Jayme Closs Kidnapper: I Would Have Taken Any Girl
Justice Italian Style May Put U.S. Kids in Jail for Life 
Celeb Twitter Explodes Over Impeachment: #MerryImpeachmas 
‘Star Wars’ Finale Wows Superfans Despite ‘Convoluted’ Plot 
Harvey Weinstein Accusers Slam Bizarre Hospital Interview 
Fish and Fascism: How Italy Is Turning the Tide Against the Far Right 
Europe to U.K.: Leave if You Must but Do It Fast 
How the Vatican Spent Millions on Elton John’s Biopic 
These Are Some of the Deadliest Tourist Spots on the Planet 
Russia, Racism and the Rot in European Soccer 
‘No More Survivors Expected’ Among Dozens of Tourists Caught in New Zealand Volcano 
Pensacola Navy Base Victim ‘Saved Countless Lives’ When Saudi Trainee Opened Fire
Malta Arrests in Daphne Caruana Galizia Murder Still Don’t Solve the Crime 
Elena Ferrante Naples Tours Are OK, But The Sinful City Has So Much More

The Daily Beast

The Daily Beast
Two Dead in Mass Shooting at Party Near Texas A&M-Commerce 
Bishops Ask Pope to Approve Married Priests, and Open the Way to Women Deacons 
The Secret Battle Over Mona Lisa’s Prettier ‘Twin’ 
39 Bodies Including One Teenager Found in Back of Semitrailer in Britain 
Eight Dead, Prisoners Escape in Botched Attempt to Arrest El Chapo’s Son 
Parents of Dead Teen Compare Trump Cronies to ‘Henchmen’ at Meeting
Grieving Parents ‘Ambushed’ by Trump, Who Had Teen’s Killer Waiting at White House
Matt Lauer Had Sexual Relationship With ‘Well-Respected’ NBC Star: Report  
Google Maps Banned on Sardinia? Mayor Wants Service Blocked
Did Stolen Pope Charity Cash Fund Priest Party Pads? 
Dad of 19-Year-Old Killed by Wife of U.S. ‘Spy’ Wants to Talk to Trump ‘Man to Man’ 
U.S. ‘Withdraws’ as Kurds Strike Deal to Let Assad’s Forces Into Region 
How Kate Accompanied James Middleton to Therapy
Four Dead in Shooting at Gambling Den in Brooklyn 
Trump Just Gave You a Whole New Reason to Go to Europe 
Matt Lauer Blames His Accuser: ‘She Certainly Did Not Cry’ 
Second Whistleblower Has Given Evidence to IG on Ukraine Call 
After Killing Teen in U.K., Runaway Wife of U.S. ‘Spy’ Provokes Diplomatic Crisis  
Four People Dead, Five Injured After Shooter Opens Fire in Kansas City Tequila Bar
NYC Murder Rampage: Homeless Man Kills Four Others With Pipe 
Barr Went to Rome to Hear a Secret Tape From Joseph Mifsud, the Professor Who Helped Ignite the Russia Probe 
The Daily Beast
Pope Could Soon Say ‘I Do’ to Married Priests–and Open a Schism 
Italy and France Prepare for Imminent Collapse of Mont Blanc Glacier 
Giuliani: Ukraine Transcript Was Read to Me, Maybe President of Ukraine Brought Up Biden First 
GOP Challenger Bill Weld Calls for Death Penalty for Trump ‘Treason’ Over Ukraine 
Climate Migrants May Number 143 Million by 2050 
Three Dead, Four Sick After Drug-Related Mystery at Luxury Pittsburgh Building 
The Insider’s Guide to Caravaggio’s Rome 
Meghan & Harry, Ivanka & Jared Descend on Rome for Misha Nonoo’s Dolce Vita Wedding 
Greta Thunberg Is the Climate Heroine We Need 
Trump Stands by Brett Kavanaugh as Dems Demand Impeachment 
American Teen Plunged 7-Inch Knife Deep Into Italian Cop According to Leaked Autopsy
Handholding Skeletons are Male But Italy Won't Say Gay 
Inside Matteo Salvini's Secret Russian Money Machine  
Odessa Victims Include Cops, a Baby, a High Schooler and a Postal Carrier
West Texas Shooting Spree Leaves 7 Dead, Scores Injured; Gunman Killed 

The Daily Beast
‘Sopranos’ Actress Annabella Sciorra to Testify Against Harvey Weinstein at His Rape Trial
Prince Andrew: Staying Pals With Jeffrey Epstein a ‘Mistake and an Error’  
Pope Refuses to Condemn Pedophile Cardinal Pell, Even After Losing Sex-Abuse Appeal 
Epstein Victim Says He Forced Her to Marry Female Recruiter
Tlaib Cancels Trip After Israel Says She Can Come Visit Grandmother 
Jennifer Araoz Sues Ghislaine Maxwell for Alleged ‘Brutal Rape’ by Epstein 
Pompeii’s Latest Find? Tiny Penises and Seduction Charms
Steve Bannon’s Populist Dream Shattered By Matteo Salvini’s Power Play 
Body of Nude Teen Found in Malaysian Jungle Thought to Be 15-Year-Old Irish Girl 
Dayton Shooter Murdered Sister in Attack, Officials Say 
Gunman Kills 9 Outside Bar in Dayton, Ohio; Cops Saved ‘Literally Hundreds of Lives’
Italian Police Mistakes May Help American Teens in Cop Stabbing Case
Italy Declares War on McDonald’s 
Kevin Spacey: ‘The More You’re Wounded the Greater You Are, and the More Empty’
Amanda Knox Is Asking for Money for a Wedding but She’s Already Married

Italy Government Collapses


The Daily Beast
American Teens Cried When They Learned They’d Killed an Italian Cop 
Americans Jailed for Stabbing Italian Cop Turn on Each Other 
Libya’s Migrant ‘Holding Areas’ Have Become Death Camps 
Rome Cops: American Teens Stabbed Police Officer to Death in Drug-Fueled Frenzy 
Kate Middleton Firmly Denies Surgeon’s Claim She Used ‘Baby Botox’ After Third Child 
Amanda Knox: Yes, I Asked Supporters to Donate to My Wedding But It’s Not a Crowdfunder 
Meghan Markle and Kate Middleton Reportedly Ended Rift by Bonding Over Royal Baby 
Amanda Knox Wants You to Pay For Her Space Themed Wedding 
Kim Kardashian’s Photographer Accused of Asking Model for Nude Pics
Al Franken Regrets Resigning, So Do Many Who Pushed Him Out
Taylor Swift Fans Go After Kamala Harris for Attending Event at Scooter Braun’s House 
Four Inmates Faked a Fight to Escape Florida Juvenile Detention Center 
The Return of the Godfather: The Old Mafia Is New Again 
Palm Beach Sheriff Investigating Handling of Jeffrey Epstein’s 2009 Work Release 
Private Investigator Says He Shared Two Epstein Female Fixer Names with Feds 
Neo-Nazis’ Air-to-Air Missile: An Explosive New Clue to Salvini’s Intrigues With the Russians 
Rome, Tourist Heaven, Is Awash in Bird Poop and Garbage 
Greek Son of Priest Held in Murder of American Scientist 
Serena Williams Loses Wimbledon Final to Simona Halep 
Philadelphia Car Thief Beaten to Death After Stealing Car With 3 Kids Inside 
Why Was an American Scientist Murdered in a Nazi Bunker? 
Missing Teen Emanuela Orlandi Is Not in Vatican Tomb—Neither Is Anyone Else 

Suspect Blindfolded in Police Killing
Hundreds Attend Wake of Italian Police Officer Killed 
Italy Police Killing - Americans Arrested

The Daily Beast
Did Whitey Bulger Pull Off the Gardner Art Heist for the IRA? 
George Clooney Has Plumbing Disaster as Obamas Visit Lake Como Villa 
Skydiving Plane in Deadly Hawaii Crash Was Still Operating After Earlier Mishap 
‘Fox & Friends’ Calls Donald Trump ‘Weak,’ Tries to Goad Him Into War With Iran 
 U.N. Reveals Contents of Secret Tape of Khashoggi’s Brutal Last Moments 
Caught: The ‘Italian Bonnie and Clyde’ Who Stole George Clooney’s Name and Face 
Family of Most Dangerous Mafia Turncoat Ever Comes Out of Hiding: ‘Just a Call Would Kill Us All’ 
Pope Francis’ Arch Nemesis Comes Out of Hiding to Slam Him on Predator Priests 
Off-Duty LAPD Cop Holding Child Shot California Costco Shopper Following Argument 
‘Italy’s Trump’ Goes to Washington Accompanied by a Whiff of Fascism 
Tearful Amanda Knox to Italy: ‘I Am Not a Monster’ 
The Twisted Tale Behind a $450 Million Missing Da Vinci Masterpiece 
‘Fox & Friends’ Host Brian Kilmeade Attacks Trump for Saying He Would Take Foreign Intel 
28-Year-Old Accused Killer: I Slept With Old Folks for Money 
‘Whitey’ Bulger Wrote Letters Praising Trump to a Juror Who Convicted Him 
Two Arrested in Case of Missing Mom Jennifer Dulos 
Virginia Beach Gunman Gave Two Weeks’ Notice Hours Before Shooting Colleagues 
Massive Cruise Ship Hits Tourist Ferry, Skims Dock in Venice Canal 
Steve Bannon’s Plan for Alt-Right University in Italy to be Revoked 
Prosecco Drinkers, We Have Some Bad News for You
Virginia Beach Carnage: Victims Were Gunman's Colleagues 

The Daily Beast
Italy’s Incompetence Is Creating New Ruins 
Bannon’s Babies Among Outsiders Picking Up Seats in European Parliamentary Elections
Missing Maui Yoga Instructor, Ate Berries and Drank From Waterfalls to Survive 
Preacher’s Son Used ‘God’ Message on Mirror to Seduce, Dupe Elderly Woman, Jury Told
Europe’s Posh Populists Have Taken a Page From Trump
Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tonight Show’ Reportedly in Trouble as Ratings Plummet 
Judith Kerr Could Explain the Holocaust Even to Children
Did GEDmatch’s New DNA Rules Just Freeze Out Cold-Case Murder Investigators? 
Self-Help Guru Tony Robbins Denies BuzzFeed Sexual Harassment Accusations 
Medieval Sex Cult at Center of German Crossbow Murder Mystery 
Shocking Lack of Supervision in Maryland High School Broomstick Rape Case 
Italian Leader Goes Full Fascist on Persecuting Roma People 
Two More Victims Found in German Crossbow Murder Mystery 
Three People Found Impaled on Crossbow Arrows in Quiet Bavarian B&B 
Beto 2.0: Campaign Plans Reboot After Lag in Polls 
The Secret Sex Lives of Nuns 
Russia Targeting European Parliamentary Elections With Help of Far-Right Politicians
In Labor: Kim Kardashian and Kanye West’s Fourth Child Is On the Way 
Maria Butina: I’m a Peacemaker, Not a Spy 
Paparazzi Alert: Amanda Knox Returns to Italy to Talk Crime 
Vatican Assembles Avengers of Religion to Beat the Devil 
CNN Chief Jeff Zucker Denies He’s Bringing Matt Lauer to the Network 
New Break in Maddie McCann Case Centers on Killer Pedophile 
Gayle King and Norah O’Donnell Deny ‘Beef’ Sparked Major CBS Shakeup 
Volterra: The Haunting Origins of Tuscany’s Iconic Hill Town 
Preacher’s Son and Magician on Trial for Deadly Plot to Seduce, Gaslight and Kill Elderly Author and Lonely Headmistress
Trump Spends Morning Endorsing Far-Right Fringe Propaganda on Twitter 
Facebook Pulls 49 Sites Selling ‘Stolen-to-Order’ Antiquities From Syria and Iraq 
Thai King Marries His Security Chief in Pre-Coronation Surprise Wedding Fit for a Queen 

The Daily Beast
John Singleton, ‘Boyz N the Hood’ Director, Dies at 51 Poway Synagogue Vigil Erupts Into Debate About Trump, Anti-Semitism 
Trump Off Sounds in Interview With Mark Levin: ‘Lot of Good People’ in Charlottesville 
Poway Synagogue Shooting Victim Leapt Between Gunman and Rabbi 
Synagogue Shooting Suspect, a Piano-Playing Nursing Student From Religious Family, Had a Racist Secret 
Sunnyvalle Car-Ramming Suspect Is Iraq Vet With PTSD, Brother Says 
U.S.-Led Coalition Killed 1,600 Civilians in Raqqa: Amnesty International 
Pete Buttigieg Is a National Hero ... in Malta 
Easter Sunday Bombs in Sri Lanka Target Christians and Tourists, Kill Hundreds 
Professor Who Scanned All of Notre Dame Died Months Before Fire 
One Woman Nearly Decapitated, Another Slashed While 4-Year-Old Was in House
Two Florida Teenage Girls Arrested for Plotting Nine Murders 
Northern Ireland Journalist Shot Dead in ‘Calculated’ Killing During Unrest 
Chrissy Teigen Goes Off on Fox News’ Laura Ingraham, Calls Her a ‘White Supremacist’ 
Lori Loughlin’s Daughter Reportedly Under Criminal Investigation in College Scandal 
Notre Dame Alarm Raised 23 Minutes Before Blaze Was Detected 
Paris Watches in Horror as Massive Fire Engulfs Notre Dame Cathedral 
Notre Dame Fire: The Treasures Inside the Cathedral 
Rich Russians Still Buying Passports in Racket Daphne Caruana Galizia Died Exposing 
‘Italy’s Trump’ Launches a Nationalist Campaign to Destroy Europe 
Trump Accuses ‘Radical Left’ of Wanting to Retry the ‘No Collusion Mueller Report’ 
Disgraced NBC Anchor Matt Lauer Comes Out of Hiding for Jeff Zucker’s Birthday Bash 
American Tourist Kimberly Sue Endicott Found Alive in Uganda 
Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney On Fox: Americans Will ‘Never’ See Trump Tax Returns 
A New Strongman Marches on the Libyan Capital 
What Rupert Wrought: The 10 Scariest Bits From the NYT’s Murdoch Opus
Virginia Lt. Gov. Accuser: ‘I Couldn’t Feel My Neck. I Couldn’t Hold My Head Up’

Matteo Salvini seeks to unite Europe's far-right ahead of EU elections 

The Daily Beast
Chicago State’s Attorney: A Conviction for Jussie Smollett ‘Was Not Certain’ ‘Fox & Friends’: Good Thing We Don’t Have to Read 300 Pages of Mueller Report
R. Kelly’s Hair Stylist Breaks Silence on Alleged Assault: He Told Me to ‘Suck It for Daddy’ 
After Tanker Hijack, Migrants Look Like the New Pirates of the Mediterranean
50 Women Accuse Salesforce of ‘Facilitating’ Their Sex Trafficking and Prostitution 
Off-Duty Chicago Cop Killed in Random Late-Night Shooting 
Bannon Says Beto O’Rourke and Kamala Harris Are ‘Most Dangerous Ticket for Trump’
With No End in Sight, Europe is Sick of Brexit Bullshit
YouTube ‘Momager’ Pepper-Sprayed ‘Fantastic Adventure’ Kid Stars
Berlusconi Witness Fears for Her Life After Fellow Model’s Poisoning 
Dutch Police Arrest Turkish Suspect in Attack That Killed Three People
Netflix’s ‘The Disappearance of Madeleine McCann’ Backs Sex-Trafficking Ring Theory 
New Zealand Massacre Victims Include Syrian Refugees, Toddlers and Teenagers 
New Zealand Mosque Shooting Suspect Brenton Tarrant Flashes White Power Sign
Christchurch Mosque Shooting Suspect Used Swedish Girl’s Death as License to Kill 
Why Is the Vatican Opening the Files on ‘Hitler’s Pope’? 
Cardinal Pell Sentenced to 6 Years for Molesting Choirboys 
Marielle Franco Murder Arrests Give Hope to LGBT Brazilians 
Ethiopian Airlines Crash: Another Boeing 737 MAX-8 Goes Down After Takeoff 
Inside Fendi and Starchitect Jean Nouvel's Over-the-Top New Hotel in Rome 
‘Fox & Friends’ Debate Sex-Abuse Denial Strategies on International Women’s Day
R. Kelly’s ‘Girlfriends’ Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary Challenged on 3-Way Relationship 
Is Missing Teen Emanuela Orlandi a Vatican Sex Slave? 
Gayle King Faces Down R. Kelly: ‘What Makes You So Special?’ 
Fox News Got Stormy Daniels Story Before Trump’s Election, Spiked It: Report
Body of Young Missing Boston Mom, Jassy Correia, Found in Car Trunk  

The Daily Beast
Trump Said Don Jr. ‘Had the Worst Judgment of Anyone in the World’ and More 
Convicted Cardinal Pell’s Second Secret Sex Abuse Trial Is Called Off 
Pope Calls for Battle on Abuse, But Where Are the Weapons? 
Putin's Italian Job 
Survivors Slam New Vatican Exposé That Ties Sex Abuse to Gay Priests 
Steve Bannon and the Pope’s Sex-Abuse Circus Are Coming to Rome 
Italy’s Schoolteachers Are Being Taught to Deal With the Devil 
Cardinal McCarrick Becomes Highest-Ranking U.S. Catholic to Be Defrocked 
‘Empire’ Star Jussie Smollett: You’d Believe Me if I Was Attacked by Black or Muslim Guys 
Dirty Hot Dog Napkin Leads to Arrest in 25-Year-Old Murder Mystery 
Gay Priests to Pope: Don’t Blame Us for Child Sex Abuse 
Serial Killer Samuel Little’s Eerie Portraits of His Victims Have FBI Asking: Who Are They? 
6 WTF Bits From The New Yorker Exposé on Mueller Probe’s Ex-Mossad Spy Group 
Questions Surround QuardigaCX Story of Boss Who Died With Codes to the Vault 
Man Off the Grid in Scottish Highlands Rescued After Distress Beacon Heard in Texas 
Five Saudi Students Accused of Rape, Murder Have Fled Oregon
Sting Operation Targets Cheap Grapes in Fancy Wines  

Streets Go Silent To Save Sound of Prestigious Instruments 

The Daily Beast
Geeky New Mafia Hacks Bodies—and Networks, Too 
Britain’s Daily Telegraph Forced to Apologize to Melania Trump 
European Court of Human Rights Sides With Amanda Knox—to a Point 
Sending Human Skeletons Out To Sea To Die 
She Hunted A Stolen Picasso -- And Got Hoaxed 
Pope Francis Knew Pervert Priest Took Nude Selfies 
Khashoggi Book: ‘I Have Never Worked on a Warm Body Until Now’ 
Cesare Battisti, Italy's Most Notorious Communist Fugitive, Captured in Disguise 
Did Opus Dei Lie to Protect Priest Who Baptized Newt Gingrich? 
Jeff Bezos ‘Had No Prenup’ and Is Now Braced for Record $137 Billion Divorce 
Kidnappers Demand $10 Million Cryptocurrency Ransom for Norwegian Billionaire’s Wife 
Two North Carolina Women Charged in Transgender Bathroom Attack 
North Korea’s ‘Dolce Vita Defector’ Could Jeopardize Next Trump-Kim Summit 
The Vatican Says ‘Maybe’ to Hysterectomies 
Saudi Teen in ‘Life or Death’ Deportation Fight Live on Twitter 
Pope Francis’ Argentinean Protégé Accused of Sex Abuse 
North Korean Ambassador to Italy Defects in Bid for La Dolce Vita 
Fascism and Football: Death and Hate in the Soccer Stadium

Sex, Consent and the Ancient City